Salesforce Partner Partner

MillerResults is a leading Salesforce CRM implementation services provider.  Whether you are looking for a Salesforce administrator on demand, seeking to make the most of Salesforce's features and functionalities, or planning a major software infrastructure overhaul as part of your corporate strategy, MillerResults is your trusted, strategic Salesforce partner.


What Salesforce Services Does MillerResults Provide?

MillerResults leads organizations through planning, configuring, deploying, and leveraging features in—but not limited to—Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Field Service Lightning, Customer and Partner Communities, and Nonprofit Cloud.

Or, you may be ready to migrate your organization from Salesforce "Classic" to Salesforce's new Lightning Experience.

Or, perhaps you simply need to better understand the truth that your data can tell you through customized reports and dashboards.  MillerResults knows how to engage leaders and employees to arrive at the right questions, and therefore answer them with the right reports and visualizations... delivered like clockwork through email, accessible via mobile, and otherwise giving you piece of mind in an efficient manner.


Does MillerResults provide Salesforce training, too?

Absolutely!  Companies frequently site that their people are their most valuable asset.  In addition to having technical expertise in systems like Salesforce and in redesigning complex cross-organizational processes using Six Sigma, we also have decades of experience in human resources and supporting HR leaders in planning for their employees' learning.  Our challenge to organizations that want to survive into the next decade is to invest in their people now, and to create an environment where they want to contribute discretionary efforts spearheading your strategic initiatives, repeatedly.  We have the expertise to make that happen, and committing to your employees' skill sets through customized Salesforce training by MillerResults is a sure way to win!


Are you able to serve my location?

Yes!  MillerResults is a flexible organization.  We have the ability to provide services directly at your location, and are also experts at leading highly productive sessions via remote conferencing, regardless of your time zone.


Are you a Salesforce Partner?

Yes, MillerResults is an official Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner.  This benefits your organization by bringing not just confidence, but also a deep understanding of what it takes to plan and deliver your solutions in an efficient manner!  Find us on the Salesforce AppExchange, the world's #1 cloud computing marketplace.

Give us a call today at (813) 324-5642 to begin a discussion about how MillerResults can deliver for you!